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Virtual reality vs. Live dealer casino games

The overall design of online casinos evolved, the choice of slot machines has become much wider, and developers began to widely implement interesting card games, roulette and lottery. But the live casino dealer was a breakthrough, even where it seemed, that absolutely all the possibilities of the Internet had already been used. As technology advanced, new concept stepped out on the scene and we now have a duel between live dealer games, as a top of online casino offer, and virtual reality games that represent new era in casino games. Welcome to the place where you will learn all the differences and see the pros and cons of both ways. The choice is yours, so choose wisely.

What are the live dealer games?

While playing against a live dealer, you can actually see how the dealer passes cards in blackjack or arrange bets across the roulette table. As a matter of fact, live dealer games offer some rather attractive benefits:

  • Whole new gaming experience: Although it looks just like an ordinary game room and has the all the known features, live dealer games still offer a new dimension of casino experience, much different than “regular” online casino games.
  • Communication: If you have a headset with a microphone, you can talk with the dealer and other players that are connected to the casino.
  • Safety: You can keep track of all the dealer’s activities, which ensures integrity of the casino itself.

Pros and cons of live dealer games

We talk about the closest thing to the real casino atmosphere on – you can play some popular casino games, competing against a real live person, and not the random number generator. More, the integrity of each game is increased, and there is no possibility to manipulate with the results. The camera is broadcasting the entire process, from the draw to collecting your winnings. At last, but not the least, you can actually feel the presence of other players (for example, in the case of online roulette – of the dealer), which at times increases the excitement of each new hand. Still, virtual reality can give you something that live dealer games can’t.

Advantages of virtual reality

A Virtual Reality system can transfer you to exotic locations such as a Hawaii beach in or even the inside of the human body. Same goes for casino games. Thanks to portable systems for playback VR content, internet users are now able to open a window into the world of alternative reality, which provides completely new possibilities for communication, social networking, entertainment, education, scientific research, artistic expression and casino games. With the virtual reality, you will get immerse and intense interface combined with much better interaction between a casino dealer and other players. Let’s just think of poker players that will finally be able to see the facial expression of their opponents. You can bluff while playing a live dealer game, but it would be much harder when your match is transferred into the virtual reality.

Brave new world of unique possibilities

Everything is accessible. A choice was and still is ours. There is no way to orient ourselves better than in the course of development, progress, improvement, modernization, realizing fantasies, ideas and thoughts. All the people can conceive, write or appear in the film, has a huge potential to be realized, such that the human imagination is nothing but a prophetic dream, the receiver of information from the future, the gateway to parallel worlds, which already exist in the different levels of reality.

Do you still think that the online live casino is not as exciting as the real casino? Then we recommend that you try to play a game of poker, participate in Keno draw or put a little money in Roulette to see the benefits of the game with a dealer over conventional gaming house. For even better and more realistic experience, put your VR headset on and sail the sea of unlimited possibilities. Virtual reality will take you one step further, especially if you are a slot games fan. For the other casino games, live dealer still stands as the best option available.

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