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The Cube vs. Oculus Rift: e-sports meet gambling

We must admit: online gambling changed a lot in the past few years. Now it is a widely popular and a huge $4 billion worth industry that profited even more with social networking. The entire concept blurred already tin lines between the casual gaming, e-sports and online gambling. Now, let’s see what connects two worlds and what we could expect in the near future.

The e-sports: what is it anyway?

The arena, a large video screen, thousands of fans, speaker announces event of the year… No, you’re not in a boxing event. Welcome to the e-sports competition, where the main players are sitting on computers and with the headphones to destroy your opponents for a reward of several thousand dollars. The gaming community is sizeable and a great part of it revolves around interesting gadgets, specialized keyboards, mice, gaming handset, motherboards, working memory. Anything and everything sticks on the “gaming” label, largely because the companies that produce equipment sponsors competitions that attract more than enough viewers, both online and offline. That’s great, one may say, but does anything there have something with virtual reality casino games?

When e-sports met gambling

The gambling industry truly needs a restart and the virtual reality is here to change the situation for good. As the average online poker player’s age is getting close to 40, e-sports players and fans are much younger and have more paying potential in their hands. Online gambling needs to reinvent itself and that’s where VR casinos look for their chance. Even though you can play slot games with powerhouses like Slot Million Casino, there are still a lot of games far beyond the reach of virtual reality, like online poker. At the same time, e-sports is already a huge industry with the generated global revenue of $325 million in 2015 from media rights, merchandising, ticket sales and advertising. According to relevant researchers and industry experts, betting on e-sports events will only continue to generate significant income for gambling operators. With that in mind, wouldn’t be really nice to have something that will bond e-sports and gambling together?

The best of both worlds

Have you ever heard of the gadget called The Cube? It has the same name as the popular sci-fi movie, but we talk about a portable box that provides poker fans with the live feed of poker data. The Cube is built exclusively to meet the expectations of the first-ever Global Poker League (GPL), a unique competition where 12 franchise teams, consisted of experienced poker players, match their skills for at least 14 consecutive weeks. As organizers state, this will probably change the way we see poker today. The players will be locked inside a glass cage, almost the same as fighters in octagon, and the fans will stay outside of it. The Cube allows fans to see the players’ hole cards, listen to their discussion and receive other relevant information about the current game. Pretty much similar concept to VR casino gaming. The next logical step would be to transform a poker match into virtual reality event and online gambling operators will have another great game in their extensive offer.

The modern gambling industry desperately needs something new. Whether it will be e-sports, casual gaming or even fantastic events such as the time travel, virtual reality and augmented reality will certainly play a good part in it – transforming the overall user experience and ultimately saving this profitable yet rewarding industry. Thinking outside the box led reputable operators so far – they have traveled a long way from basic online casino games to virtual reality. Now they must face another challenge, hoping to attract more players and offer new attractive casino games.

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