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Could Virtual Reality be the future of online poker?

With the advent of each new media, our civilization accelerates by little. Once the criterion for measuring time were days, hours and minutes later, today, we have reached the second, and we will surely come to hundredths. And everything accelerates with the emergence of new technologies. Now we live in the era of high-speed Internet, smartphones, laptops and smart watches, and everything is closer to the day when we will live in a time of new media – virtual reality.

The first steps of online poker

The creation of the first online casinos and the very start of online betting were accompanied by numerous difficulties. First of all, the Internet was not as available as it is now. Also, the technology did not allow some software solutions which exist today. Nevertheless, these first casino games had its charm. There were glittering image, even stunning soundtrack. You could play with only a small number of people who had access to the Internet and the personal computer. However, it has not prevented the gaming enthusiasts to play online poker using the sources and means available at the time. In those first pioneering steps, many professional players contributed a lot to have a poker game online in the sense we know it today.

Online poker as we know it now

Now it’s completely different than at the beginning of the existence of online casino games. Large sums of money are at stake and the best online casinos do not leave anything to chance. Reputable casino operators and top developers joined their forces to develop the appropriate software applications and to adapt it for a range of modern devices. Today you can play any popular casino game using your PC or laptop, as well as wide variety of mobile devices. The best software will evoke the atmosphere and the sounds and you’ll have the impression like playing a poker game in a real casino. There are also charming dealers to complement the atmosphere!

The start of virtual reality casino

As technology progressed, a lot of new opportunities came up, including the virtual reality. Now, the concept is very familiar to all: put a VR headset and enjoy the realistic casino atmosphere, like you’re in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. Still, the choice of games probably won’t satisfy all players. At the moment, VR casinos only managed to meet the expectations of passionate video slots fans. You can find both classic and the latest titles from a range of reputable software providers. Whether you like retro fruit machines or branded games, virtual reality casinos do have a lot to offer. But the question still remains: what about the other casino games fans and when we can expect to see poker in virtual reality.

Virtual reality poker – the next logical step

Just imagine that feeling sitting at a virtual poker table, when you lean down to take a closer look at your hole cards, then turn around to order a drink from a beautiful waitress or see an all-in shove in 3D with every individual chip having depth. With Oculus Rift, a virtual reality poker game would be much easier to create than develop a complicated first-person shooter video game. Still, there are some requirements that have to be met before the best poker players could match their skills in virtual reality. To match this challenge, a VR poker game will really have to make you feel like in the middle of a poker room, sitting at the table with real players from all over the world.

Players want to see a real dealer dealing real cards, otherwise the game will be rigged just like it is now and there will be no difference. Focus on quality and gameplay instead of graphics and animations will definitely bring a lot of success to virtual reality poker. Both novice and experienced players want to match skills with their opponents, look at the board, and scan the faces of the other players to spot any physical tells – that is poker all about and VR must enable it in order to succeed.

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