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Oculus Rift and its alternatives: pros and cons

Virtual reality entertainment is taking the world by storm. The term itself is somewhere unknown to most online casino players and we are here to bring it closer in order to present all the advantages of such concept. Virtual reality will get you the experience of being somewhere else in a different time, a different place and sometimes even in the different world, all that from the comfort of your home. VR casinos also need a few good devices to bring that unique feeling right in front of your eyes. We’ll present you some of the most popular headsets hoping to inspire you to visit one of the VR casinos and see how it really works.

Oculus Rift

Also known as “the future of entertainment”, Oculus Rift is a device able to take you to the next step of online gambling, providing 360-degree image that makes you feel like in the middle of a real brick ‘n’ mortar casino. In order to provide enough power to run two 1080×1200 resolution images to each lens inside the headset, the Oculus Rift headset requires a wired connection to your PC. Despite its obvious advantages in the field of VR casino gaming, we need to emphasize a thing that might turn players away from this device. The minimum PC configuration that allows smooth and easygoing experience with Oculus Rift is an Intel Core i5 4590 or equivalent processor, equipped with 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon 290 video card. Although serious gamers might already have these components assembled in their machine, some recreational players will probably find it very difficult to get such configuration. In addition, Oculus Rift comes with a price tag of $600, so you need to plan your online activities better before starting to play a VR casino game.

Freefly VR

The Freefly VR headset does pretty much everything as the Oculus Rift and also features very good lenses. This headset is quite comfortable to wear, although the plastics look rather cheap. According to users, smartphone buttons are inaccessible, so you may experience some problems while trying to play games with it, but the built-in joystick offers additional functionality. You can use Freefly VR to play a range of supported mobile games, but when it comes to serious online gambling, this gadget is still unable to match all the Oculus Rift can bring. Just to note, Freefly VR has no power cord, so you need to purchase some additional batteries in order to keep it running.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard VR glasses are compatible with all new smart mobile phones (Android and iOS powered) with the screen size from 4 to 5.5 inches. Designed as an alternative to Oculus Rift, these glasses offer virtual reality experience for those who can’t afford the bigger and expensive “relative”. Google Cardboard is a device that also operates on the principle of the virtual reality, only being significantly cheaper. With the help of this gadget and your smart phone, you can visit any place in the world, playing games in the virtual worlds and watch all the latest 3D movies. The device doesn’t require any wired connection, but if you want to play online slots in virtual reality, you’ll be limited to the mobile casinos only – if some of them even have that in their offer.

If you’re running a promotional marketing event and you want some headsets for the public to view a VR experience, like a commercial or 360-degree music video, Google Cardboard or Freefly VR might suit for you. Still, if you look for a great casino experience and to enjoy in latest slot titles, then look for the other solution. The latest iteration of Oculus Rift is much easier to setup and features an intuitive piece of software that will guide you to the installation process and also offers troubleshoot when things go awry. Instead of conclusion, let’s just say the Rift is a fun gaming system, even if it feels stilted right now, so it would be the best to get this gadget in real action while playing your favourite slot titles with Slot Millions Casino.

4 responses to “Oculus Rift and its alternatives: pros and cons”

  1. Simon Mag says:

    The most complex devices to simulate reality in general are a combination of hardware in the form of complex glasses, a number of sensors, various actuators (motors, which causes a different oscillation) and advanced software calculation. The idea of virtual reality is clear – it before our eyes need to present a world that is not real and introduce us to the limitless possibilities of the most fantastic experiences of my life.

  2. Ruddy says:

    Let every man for himself imagine what he would like to experience when put the advanced headset, while many of whom will soon be widely sold. These devices will drastically change many industries, and some of the most significant developments we’ll see in gaming, cinema, education, communication, entertainment for children, culture (museums virtualization), but also in the industry for the elderly …

  3. Beta Tester says:

    The last few days I had the opportunity to try Gigatech virtual reality box, and all in all my impressions are quite good.

    If you are searching for their first experience with virtual reality or want to buy a VR headset is someone as a gift then Gigatech virtual reality box a good choice.

  4. Steven O'Neill says:

    HTC Vive is currently one of the best VR headsets on the market. The kit consists of a VR headset comprising two screens for each eye at a time, the total resolution is 2160×1200, a 90 fps. The package also includes two wireless controllers whose use is truly intuitive (as confirmed by our own experience). Additionally, for the first time, the package also includes two laser base station, which creates a virtual space within which we can move, and monitor our every move in this space. How to track precisely which accounted for 72 sensors, which are located inside the headset and the controller.

    In order to make the Vive work, you need a relatively good computer, so this should be taken into account. The minimum recommended components are the following: Intel i-5 / AMD FX 8350 or higher, the graphics are advised GeForce GTX 970 / ATI Radeon M9 290 or more, the minimum recommended RAM is 4GB or more, and Windows 7 or higher

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