Virtual Reality Casinos Australia

Do I need an Oculus Rift to play?

The potential of Virtual Reality is rising and it really seems that there is not one industry that is immune to it. When it comes to the online casino world, we have to say that a new, games console style of playing is stepping out on the scene on a behalf of brand-licensed slot machines with rich graphics and pre-game movie sequences. If you want to stay in line with the recent improvements and innovations, you should probably get some necessary means to enjoy the full potential of VR-powered games.

The Concept of Virtual Reality

At the beginning of the 90s of the last century, some innovative designer created a virtual reality helmet. The idea was to stretch all the other senses and let a player to see only a visual image from his computer, something that will be separated from reality. This new dimension was called virtual reality and despite the revolution has already been announced, nothing significantly happened and it seemed that the VR went to the dump of history. The complete turnaround happens in 2012, when a small company made up of two people offers a “new” virtual reality helmet by collecting money for prototyping on the then growing crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The company is called Oculus VR, and their product Oculus Rift.

Oculus Rift – Engaging All Your Senses

A lot of people have heard about this device. There is a big chance you saw a commercial or read some quick lines about it, but the question may still remain: what is the Oculus Rift exactly? Also, is it possible to play virtual reality casino games without it? First things first: Oculus Rift is created by players, those who have provided financial support, developers and all those who supported this thing throughout the world, including fans eager to invent something new that could really change the game. Next, when you combine key hardware elements – the small screen 7-inch with high resolution, excellent system of movements monitoring and high-power GPU, you get the possibility to produce small but effective VR devices that are worn on the head. This all is represented in a single gadget called the Oculus Rift.

Unique and Different Features

Over the years, the technology of virtual reality was always so promising, but the thing that should remind us of Holodeck from Star Trek was far from the finished product – until the Oculus Rift. The equipment produced never was comfortable, good-looking or convincing, and software support has never been good. Oculus Rift is a sign of change in this regard. When compared to earlier devices, the total impression of entering the world created with the Oculus Rift seems convincing, you feel like you’re really came into play. The Oculus Rift offers some rather unique features, much different from something you may get with the “regular” 2D games. For the ultimate online casino experience, use your Oculus Rift headset to play one of the many titles in Slot Million Casino’s extensive offer.

A dream that a man can be completely lost in the experience of a distant or imaginary places has for long been only a question of how this experience can evoke. The first computers were text describing such things, after that – the computer graphics appeared, getting better and better as the time passed and technology evolved. Virtual reality is a new and revolutionary technology that will conquer not only Australia but the whole world. The idea that you can plunge into the imaginary worlds or distant location and to experience them is certainly a very tempting. Also, we are going closer to the moment when VR will be available to the widest range of users as the first sets for this purpose are already available on the market.

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