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Can I play mobile VR casinos as Australian player?

New ways to interact with virtual worlds while playing your favourite casino games appear every day. Across the industry, virtual reality has an increasing impact on the way how players experience games and entertainment, and this is just the beginning. Sony Project Morpheus, Samsung Gear VR and of course Oculus Rift virtual reality push the boundaries of how to interact with the everyday world.

Facebook app for smartphones

As we speak, Facebook – one of the social media powerhouses and probably one of the most active companies in the virtual reality market – works on the application for viewing spherical video content that will change the viewing angle by rotating the device. The application should operate under the iOS and Android operating systems and will use pictures shot with a large number of cameras to obtain footage that can be viewed at an angle of 360 degrees. The project, however, is still in its infancy, but that a good sign that we can expect virtual reality casino apps in the near future. Besides Facebook, Google has tasked a group of engineers to develop a version of Android that would work with VR applications. Apparently, Android is moving from mobile devices to virtual reality, according to the latest reports.

Oculus Rift comes available for Android

Speaking of Google’s intentions, we have to mention that Oculus VR has recently confirmed that Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is also coming to Android. Unfortunately, iOS users will not be so lucky because the Oculus Rift will still not find its way to this platform because it is needed more work. That the company will try to launch a mobile version of the Oculus Rift at about the time when it becomes available for the PC version. It should be noted that the Android version of the Oculus Rift headsets will be much easier, and will use all the potential of processors on mobile devices. In addition, the company Oculus VR has collected $ 2.5 million on Kickstarter for the project for making virtual reality headset is in home theater. Bearing all this in mind, we will practically have more than one reason to believe that virtual reality gambling will go mobile.

What to expect in the near future for the Australian market

With the desire to bring about change in our understanding of entertainment, education, and the arts and industry, we may expect that virtual reality will bring some changes in our lives. This is especially important for the generation that will have the opportunity to grow up with this kind of content. If it continues to progress in this direction and with this speed, it is expected that the apparatus for VR become available to all interested consumers in Australia. At the same time, impatient customer can already invest several hundred dollars in complete virtual reality that will allow them a new experience in the field of entertainment, including the online gambling.

According to Nick DiCarlo, the Vice President of Samsung responsible for the development of systems for virtual reality, games will be the ones to launch a virtual reality into the mainstream. Samsung and Oculus VR both work on their own VR solutions, Galaxy Gear VR and Oculus Rift, in order to bring the concept of virtual reality gambling closer to the wider audience. At the moment, the concept of virtual reality rendering should be made available to all users and it is not logical that virtual reality is seen a luxury. To become a mainstream virtual reality needs to be much more than a technology that offers the ultimate experience. It takes quality applications that will most likely have nothing to do with games as we know.

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  1. Johnson says:

    Oculus Rift is definitely the kind of technology that alters expectations and able to step higher. Facebook with OR will not go into medicine per se – or, as Mark Zuckerberg revealed – is investing in virtual reality as seen in this future.

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