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Is Virtual Reality a realistic long-term concept?

Basic VR concept is a very old idea, but the implementation was very difficult and demanding process. Virtual reality requires maximum cooperation of hardware and software, which again individually must be at a very high level. It is this complexity contributed to the fact that now we are only at the beginning of VR era, although the first attempts at entering the VR world existed a long time ago. The idea to create a virtual world that would be controlled by the computers was a phenomenon from the late 60s and early 70s of the last century.

How it all began

However, there is a very long way from a basic concept to the implementation in practice. The first attempts to sell VR technology to end-users were the early nineties, when globally popular companies with their gaming systems (Sega, Nintendo) stood behind VR. The Sega VR system, the first of which would be fair to call it modern, was presented in 1993 at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This system had LCD screens, technology for tracking the movement of the head and stereo sound. However, the rest of the hardware and software that was necessary has not been anywhere near the required level, so the first Sega VR system remained at the prototype even though the sale was announced in the market.

Epic fail of the first VR video game system

Sega’s major competitor, Nintendo, was the first company able to introduce a VR system to the market, and it was the famous Virtual Boy system. The system in question is known even today, but primarily as one of the biggest Nintendo’s bad luck projects. This 32-bit console, along with the “3D glasses” and a special controller were advertised as the first-ever 3D graphics system, but the display had very poor resolution, pretty much on the level of a monochromatic. In practice, it caused not only a bad visual experience, but also had some negative health effects, primarily in the form of sickness with symptoms similar to motion sickness. The popular name is “cyber nausea”, and the causes were badly synchronized display screens, inadequate viewing angle and various other details.

Learning on mistakes

Technology has advanced since the first tentative steps toward virtual reality. Today, the experience and enjoyment of VR technology is quality enough to provide customers with several hours of entertainment. However, fun is not the only, nor the main meaning of VR. All researchers, manufacturers and investors in this technology are trying to position virtual reality into all the pores of society, and not just on the Internet. However, despite all the problems that inevitably accompany any new technology, new systems represent a true entry into the VR world, and of course with the cooperation with modern computer hardware, which is definitely necessary.

The most exciting of all developments

When we talk about the playing casino games as a sort of gaming in the broader context, we also talk about the emotional and physiological experience of playing at the casino tables. We can’t turn a blind eye on the sensory stimuli that this delivers. Where would virtual reality fit in there? Well, first, regular online casino is unable to replicate the experience of walking into the casino lobby. Then, virtual reality can get the real look and feel of being greeted by the hostess, and being led to the gaming floor. VR casinos can practically replicate the physical gaming experience and bring it to a whole new level. This is a completely new dimension of gaming that really makes virtual reality devices the most exciting of all the latest technology developments in the past few years.

In addition to the online casino industry, VR can find a wide application in medicine, education, culture, information, sport. In a word, VR technology is the business of the Internet, the discovery of the highest social importance. For the right and complete VR experience (which includes not only the VR display, but also interaction with the virtual world), it is necessary to have more advanced system (like Oculus Rift) and a very powerful PC. So, fast processors, lots of memory and faster graphics cards will positively influence the development of the entire industry, as users will be able to see very clear where and for what they spend money. This is why major manufacturers of IT hardware and provide maximum support to the VR technology. In addition to hardware manufacturers, there are huge software companies (Google, Facebook) that want to exploit the potential of this technology for a particular purpose.

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  1. Mastermind says:

    I agree, this is a long-term concept. More and more industries are switching to the VR. Can I name one of those fields where it found its application? It starts with P and is focused on adults 😉
    Back on track, I think there’s more to come from virtual reality and we can only sit and wait to see what the masterminds have prepared for us.

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